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Group Progress
Saturday, July 08, 2006
Once again we had a lovely time at Penny's on Tuesday, this time at her new house in Nantwich. The heat could have been a little less oppressive but even a hugely successful Mills & Boon author can't control the weather!

Iona's doing well. She's been asked for revisions on her manuscript so that sounds promising. Fingers and toes are firmly crossed. Mind you, the toe crossing is making wearing new shoes somewhat difficult!

The biography that Richard's writing is drawing to an end now and he has another project on the back burner waiting for his attention. He asked if anybody knew of a good commercial lawyer in the Nantwich area but sadly, none of us did. Anybody?

Shirley and Joan and still writing their crime novel together as well as their individual HMB romances. One's targeting Tender while the other's writing for Medical, although I'm afraid I couldn't tell you who is doing what. Maybe a comment from one of them will clear that up.

Iona's daughter had loved Kate's children's story so it seems it's just a matter of finding the right agent now. Not the easiest task in the world, as any writer knows, but I'm sure determination will pay off in the end.

As for Penny, she has more than enough work to keep her going for the moment. What with the Neroli book she's writing for HMB and the third in the series of her WWII Liverpool based saga for Harper Collins, the deadline for which is looming dangerously close, I've no idea how she's ever going to find time to get herself sorted in the new house. Still, there's no hurry, I suppose.

As always I came away from the meeting feeling more enthusiastic than ever. Just being with other writers, especially such a lovely bunch of them, really makes a difference because try as they might, friends who don't write just don’t understand when you say that you have characters speaking to you in your head! Barmy? Of course not, but they seem to think so.
Posted by Sharon J on 2:44 AM   
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