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Tuesday's Group Meeting
Thursday, May 04, 2006
What a wonderful evening it was for Richard and I! Both Iona and Penny had bought champagne with which our engagement was celebrated! And out of some beautiful glasses that were, if my memory serves me well (it doesn't usually but there's always hope), Polish. Or was that Hungarian? Or Romanian, even? Wherever, the were gorgeous and said to be lucky so let's hope some of that rubs off on the future for every group member.

The evening was pretty much dominated by discussions related to the process of becoming a HMB author and what we could expect if we're lucky (determined?) enough to be accepted. I suppose it's only natural being a 4 of the 7 members present are targeting HMB and 1 -- that one being Penny, of course -- is already one of their authors. The two remaining members write children's fiction (hi, Kate) and biographies (hi, Richard) and may have felt a little left out at times.

Chris, Carole and Christopher weren't present this week. Christopher had been working on a biography in Wales and Carole's away on her hols but where Chris was, nobody knows. If you're reading this, Chris, you were missed :-)

Apart from working on their individual HMB stories, Shirley and Joan are also writing a crime story together. We all agreed that they're incredibly clever to be able to do that but they found it quite natural and something that, as sisters, they've done since they were very young. Penny suggested they use their personal blogs to write about their experiences of writing together as she (and the rest of us agreed) felt that it would make interesting reader for other writers considering following the same route.

Come on, girls. Get blogging :-)

As always, a good time was had by all and once again a huge thank you to Penny for giving up her time for us.

~Sharon J
Posted by Sharon J on 8:44 PM   
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An interesting Article
Monday, May 01, 2006
Here is the url to an interesting Article in the Washington Post (hopefully it will still work as the article is a day old now) -

Penny J
Posted by Penny on 10:54 AM   
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New page - How we got engaged
Sharon, - lovely posts re your engagement. I am so pleased for you both.

All the comments made me think that we should perhaps have a 'how I got engaged' page; for Tales of the Ring, both true and false!

Following Steve's death I took off my wedding and engagement rings, and replaced them with a new, and rather gorgeous ring - my widowhood ring. I thought it was rather a meaningful gesture, but exactly the kind of meaning it could seem to have in other eyes was brought home to me the other day when I was told the following joke

'The stone his widow bought when John died cost nearly $35,000.'
'Wow,that must be some headstone.'
'Yeah, she spent the kids inheritance on a three carat diamond.'

or words to that effect.

Mine though reminds me, in the very best of ways, of Steve.
Oh and I paid for it myself out of my own money.
Posted by Penny on 10:21 AM   
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Next Meeting and Short Story Comps
Hi everyone. Our next meeting will be this Tuesday, 2nd May. Hope to see you all there.


This was posted on one of my loops and I thought some of you might find it interesting.

Penny Jordan

The Fish-Knife Award
> Opens: 1 May 2006
> Closes: 17September 2006
> Judges: TBC
> Fish Publishing, in conjunction with the Crime Writers' Association are
> introducing The Fish-Knife Award, the Short Crime-fiction Award 2006.
> This competition offers a top prize of €1,500 plus an engraved silver
> Fish-knife, and publication as the title story in the Fish-Knife
> Anthology 2007. Nine runners up will receive an award of €100 and will
> also be published in the anthology.
> This Award is all about crime. From high treason to petty larceny, what
> we are looking for is high quality writing with a crime based theme up
> to a maximum of around 5,000 words. Also, and for the first time, this
> is an On-line only competition.
> Full details of this competition can be found at The Fish-Knife Award.
> Short Histories II and the Historical One Page Prize
> Opens: 1 May 2006
> Closes: 17 September 2006
> Judges: TBC
> Given the success of last years inaugural Historical Short Fiction Award
> and the very well received Short Histories Anthology' All the King's
> Men, Fish Publishing, once again in conjunction with the Historical
> Novel Society, are proud to introduce Short Histories II,. the Short
> Historical Fiction Award 2006, This competition offers a top prize of
> €1,500 and publication as the title story in the Short Histories
> Anthology 2007. Nine runners up will receive an award of €100 and will
> also be published in the anthology.
> At the same time, and as part of the same Anthology, Fish are
> introducing the Historical One Page Prize, for historical short fiction
> gems that only take up one page of the anthology. This part of the
> competition offers a first prize of €1,000 and the winning very short
> story and four runners-up (who will each receive a €100 prize) will also
> appear in the Short Histories Anthology 2007.
> These Awards are of course all about history. From Egyptian Pharoahs to
> English Knights, from Byzantium to Bay of Pigs, what we are looking for
> is high quality writing with a historical theme up to a maximum of
> around 5,000 words. Also, for the first time, these are On-line only
> competitions.
> Full details of both these competitions can be found at Historical Short
> Fiction Prize 2006.
> The best short stories, writing contests & writing competitions
> Fish Publishing Durrus, Bantry, Co. Cork Ireland
> t: 027 55645 e:
Posted by Penny on 10:01 AM   
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